A Brief Guide To Human Growth Hormone Supplement

The human growth hormone (HGH), a protein formulation synthesized by the pituitary gland, is responsible for development and growth in the body. This substance also plays a critical role in cell production and replication, tissue repair, control of brain function, as well as increasing height. Maintaining optimum HGH levels is thus essential for proper growth and development in the body.

Why Buy HGH Supplements?

Typically, levels of growth hormone are highest among individuals aged between 21 and 30 years. As one continues to age, the levels of HGH start to drop. According to research, this happens at a rate of about 14% every decade. This ultimately results in weak bones, weariness, cardio-vascular illnesses and poor memory.

Fortunately, these problems can be solved with the help of synthetically-manufactured growth hormone. Besides helping adults make up for HGH deficiencies, the supplements are used to tackle growth disorders in children. These include poor gains in height and weight, as well as abnormally low muscle mass. HGH supplements have become increasingly popular in recent times as more and more people seek solutions to combat the natural aging process.

The Various Forms of HGH for sale

HGH Pills

Generally, growth hormone pills can be found in most medical retail stores, and don’t require a doctor’s prescription to obtain. This is because HGH pills work by facilitating the natural production of the growth hormone. Most products contain a small amount of HGH, along with other natural substances that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more of the vital hormone. When shopping for HGH pills, one should look for those containing herbal supplements and the essential amino acids that trigger the secretion of growth hormone.


These contain synthetic variants of HGH, which are widely recognized as effective treatments for HGH deficiencies. That said, injections can be quite pricey, typically ranging between $800 and $3000 per month. And in spite of attempts by the pharma industry to push for wider use of the method, injections are tightly controlled by governmental regulatory bodies.

HGH injections have been associated with a host of side effects. As such, they need to be prescribed and administered by licensed medical professionals. Self-administration can however be permitted in certain circumstances, since the procedure is somewhat akin to that of insulin. Still, regular check-ups are required for assessment of the therapy’s progression.

Oral Sprays

These tend to be viewed as viable alternatives to injections. HGH sprays are designed to be administered onto the oral lining, in order to speed up their rate of absorption. Sprays are available for a fraction of the cost of their injectable counterparts. Furthermore, they can be purchased over the counter, since no prescription is required to obtain them.

Similar to pills, sprays work by triggering the production of certain catalysts, which in turn stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete the growth hormone. But unlike tablets which need to be broken down and processed in the digestive system, sprays are taken up the body a lot faster. Most users report that HGH sprays are as effective as injections, while carrying fewer side effects.

As HGH supplements continue to gain popularity, a host of sham products that provide no health benefits have started to emerge. The best way to avoid scams when buying HGH online is to shop from credible dealers. One should also follow the instructions provided for each supplement, since the products contain sensitive components that could fail to work if taken incorrectly. It’s also advisable to evaluate as much information as one can about the product(s) they’re considering. More importantly, one should always consult their physician before taking any supplements.