5 Things You Should Know About Steroids

Steroid use brings a wide array of effects to the human body. They were invented in the 1950s and were even legal in many cases until the late 1960s. Doctors still prescribe certain varieties of the medicine to help with different ailments, most commonly infections.

There is a huge negative social stigma surrounding their use. They are illegal. Still, many professional athletes abuse the drug as a means to get ahead and beat the competition. A lot of them have been caught. Their careers are tarnished as a result.

If you are considering taking steroids to improve your athletic performance, here are five things that you should know.

Anabolic Steroids1. You still need to work out – Steroids help improve the results of a quality workout regiment. They don’t replace it completely. Those that see the biggest growth in muscle mass do so because they are taking the right combination of steroids and are working out correctly. Steroid use is an enhancer of exercise. It doesn’t replace it, so buy steroids today!

2. It is bad for kids – High school athletes should avoid taking the drug. The negative side effects can be disastrous. It can stunt growth and delay puberty thanks to the imbalanced hormone levels.

3. Temper issues – Many different types of steroids increase the production of steroid. Some do this naturally and some do it synthetically. Either way, increased testosterone levels can cause many males to become more aggressive. This is typically what’s being referred to when you hear the term “roid rage“.

4. The side effects are worse for women – Both women and men have both estrogen and testosterone in their bodies. Testosterone is the male hormone. Because steroids increase its production, the effects are more apparent in females. This includes growing facial hair and a deepened voice.

5. Prolonged use is bad – If steroids are used continuously, they can cause a lifetime medical problems. This is especially when it comes to vital organs like the heart and the liver. This is why most users use them in cycles. You must take time off of the drug to give your body time to recover from the effects and reset.

If any of these five things is making you think twice about using steroids, you should not take them. There are countless other side effects that can be displayed. There are multiple varieties of steroids, so buy steroids online. It is important to understand exactly what you are taking before you take it.